Karsten Montag

Karsten Montag“Life is an adventure!” This could be the motto of a man who repeatedly convinces himself to be able to pull himself up by his own bootstraps.

The author studied mechanical engineering for some semesters until the curiosity about the world’s knowledge drove him into a study about philosophy, history and physics. He has actually completed a qualification for programming, an advanced vocational training as a systemically working group leader and a degree in educational sciences.

He has financed his long educational period with numerous part- and full-time jobs. He has worked as a waiter, couchette conductor, chair mover, programmer, job coach, business consultant and, most recently, as project and group manager in a software company in the energy sector.

He likes to move around a lot and to climb mountains and rocks. Every now and then he travels exotic countries with rickety old cars and camper vans. He is currently living with his wife in Brazil.